• Battery Cell Assembly Line
    1. The utilization rate of the whole line: 95%.
    2. Production capacity of the whole line: ≥18 PPM.
    3. The whole line size of the assembly section: 45000*7500*2600 (mm).
  • Stereoscopic Warehouse Logistics Line
    Warehousing logistics serves the raw materials/auxiliary materials/parts/semi-finished products/finished products automated three-dimensional warehouses of manufacturing enterprises, mainly docking with the production process, connecting the material warehouse and the production workshop, and solving the automatic production scheduling and fine preparation between various manufacturing processes and processes Material, timely feeding, automatic production, automatic storage, automatic distribution, etc., realize intelligent storage, picking, handling, transportation and other functions in each link of production.
  • Laser Pelleter Machine
    ● Automatically complete the functions of laser cutting and forming of pole piece and lug, slicing with cutter and winding.
    ● Using high-speed precision galvanometer and corresponding galvanometer control system, double laser head cutting method, doubling the processing speed.
    ● Laser cutting adopts arc roller surface cutting technology, which effectively solves the problem of crystallization points produced by laser cutting.
  • Automatic Battery Formation & Capacity Grading Line
    Brief to the Automatic Battery Formation and Capacity Grading Line:
    The battery formation and capacity grading equipment takes into account the two processes of chemical formation and capacity separation. It is connected to the automatic logistics line, automatically disassembles and stacks the trays, stacks the stacker up and down the warehouse, charges and discharges the cells or batteries, expands the battery capacity and capacity testing, and has a wide range High precision, compatible with the design of batteries of all materials in the current market, and can be designed according to user needs. The needle beds in the vertical warehouse are equipped with smoke detectors and special fire protection systems to realize automatic fire extinguishing without stopping production.
  • Automatic Vacuum Infusion Machine for Pouch Lithium Batteries
    Functional Overview:
    It is mainly used for automatic liquid injection, evacuation and pre-packaging of soft-pack liquid lithium-ion batteries. Realize automatic code scanning, weighing, liquid injection, vacuum standing for three times, vacuum sealing, and weighing after liquid injection for soft-packed lithium-ion batteries before liquid injection, sorting NG cells, and good-quality cells are output from the material box.
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