• Straight-line wheel size measuring machine
    Measuring equipment, this equipment is for 2 wheel size after deployment in the cleaning station, integrates the function of automatic identification of wheel type and function of 2 d code reading, can be applied to the production line of different information systems. Equipment using ultra high image accuracy of measurement, 18 s a hub can beat the online inspection, and achieve zero residual.
  • Polishing wheel hub surface testing machine
    New automatic wheel type recognition system, can deal with hundreds of different wheel type mixed production line;
    More than one manipulator with a variety of visual system, the maximum to improve the applicability and flexibility of equipment;
    Multitasking parallel processing technology, multiple sets of testing system, the maximum to improve detection rate;
    Independent development of visual system and intelligent detection algorithm to ensure stable product defect product detection rate.
  • Wheel qr code testing machine
    Wheel qr code scanning system is divided into control integration module and acquisition module two big groups, piece by rapid scanning identification of metal surface or heat treatment of metal surface etching after a variety of specifications of the qr code, has a high recognition rate; System parameter setting is convenient, can according to need to adjust the detection rate and detection time. Protection system, the system for aluminum scrap, cutting fluid pollution factors such as strong protective effect, can ensure the normal recognition of actual working conditions.
  • Wheel size measuring machine
    This equipment uses a variety of optical detection system with non-contact measurement way, achieve rapid, noninvasive on-line measurement in hub, a complete set of production line equipment can docking logistics, internal hub for automatic recognition and attitude adjustment, through their wheel size and shape tolerance by means of optical measurement, and returns the incoming state, thus effectively sorting and nonconforming products distribution to the corresponding logistics roller table.
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